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  • Phil Buhlmann

    3M/Alumni Professor, Distinguished University Teaching Professor

    • Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry, Electrochemical Sensors and Microscopy
    • Environmental & Green Chemistry, Ion Selective Electrodes
    • Nanoscience & Materials Chemistry, Sensors
    • Chemical Physics, Chemical sensing and imaging
    • B.S. ETH Zurich, (Wilhelm Simon)
    • Ph.D. ETH Zurich, 1993 (Wilhelm Simon)
    • Post Doctorate Fellow of the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, University of Tokyo 1993-1994 (Yoshio Umezawa )
    Office: 325 Smith Hall

Principal Research Interests

Our group is interested in the use of molecular recognition for chemical sensing. On one hand, we develop chemical sensors for clinical and environmental applications. Our research focuses on new receptors that bind analytes of interest with high selectivity, novel strategies to obtain very low detection limits, and perfluoropolymers that permit long-term monitoring and eventually the implantation into the human body. On the other hand, we chemically modify metal and carbon nanotube tips, and use them in scanning tunneling microscopy for chemically selective imaging with molecular resolution.

Mailing Address

  • Philippe Buhlmann, University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry
  • C-2, 139 Smith Hall, 207 Pleasant St SE
  • Minneapolis, MN 55455-0431