NMR Sunrise Plan

Autosampler Submission Process

Option 2 Hands-on Samples

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) laboratory is a Department of Chemistry facility. Its principal function is to provide access to NMR equipment and expertise for departmental research and teaching. It is also available to other University departments, other academic institutions, and external organizations. It is located in 194 and 196 Kolthoff Hall, and is part of the LeClaire-Dow Instrumentation Facility.

Our six NMR spectrometers are:

  • HD-500 Bruker Avance III HD with SampleXpress
  • AV-500 Bruker Avance III with SampleCase
  • AM-400 Bruker Avance III HD
  • AX-400 Bruker Avance III HD with SampleXpress

Our instrument status webpages are updated every five minutes.


  • Mailing address
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
    Department of Chemistry
    University of Minnesota
    207 Pleasant St SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455

    • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
    • 194 & 196 Kolthoff Hall, 225 Pleasant St SE
    • Letitia Yao, Ph.D., Director
    • yaoxx006@umn.edu
    • (612) 625-8374