The X-Ray Crystallographic Laboratory (XCL), 192C Kolthoff Hall, provides single crystal diffraction of small molecule materials to the University's community of researchers, including chemists, medicinal chemists, pharmaceutics researchers, chemical engineers, physicists, and geologists. We serve colleges and universities in the Saint Paul and Minneapolis metropolitan area that conduct chemical research, but lack crystallographic instrumentation. We also serve several universities and commercial firms outside of the state of Minnesota for single crystal diffraction. The XCL is located in the LeClaire-Dow Instrumentation Facility, 193 Kolthoff Hall.

Victor Young Jr., Ph.D., in the lab
Victor Young Jr. Ph.D., X-ray Crystallographic Laboratory director

What services do you provide?

Our laboratory offers two services:

  1. single crystal diffraction
  2. unit cell determination of known materials

These are offered to local students and faculty, neighboring colleges and universities, and industries.

How can I use these services?

Use of the XCL can be accessed through submission of samples during regular business hours or by becoming a trained user.


  • Mailing address:
    X-Ray Crystallographic Laboratory
    Department of Chemistry
    University of Minnesota
    207 Pleasant St SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455

    • X-Ray Crystallographic Laboratory
    • 192C Kolthoff Hall, 225 Pleasant St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455
    • Victor G. Young Jr., Ph.D., Director
    • (612) 625-8697