Bruker-AXS Venture Photon-II

Bruker AXS Venture Photon-II
  • A Bruker-AXS Venture system was purchased with
    • a Kappa-axis goiniostat,
    • a compact IμS Cu-microfocus source,
    • a Photon-II (CMOS) detector, and
    • an Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream 700-Plus cryostat.
  • This instrument provides a bright Cu-source with a sensitive detector to provide for studies of very small specimens of all kinds. 
  • This acquisition came through a National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant (#1229400) in 2012.

Bruker-AXS Smart Apex-II

Bruker-AXS Smart System

Bruker-AXS Smart system (1999) upgraded with an APEX-II detector in 2011 through a University of Minnesota Grant-In-Aid award. 

  • The APEX-II is a sensitive CCD detector fitted on the original SMART system with a standard Mo-tube source. 
  • The cryostat is an Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream 600 cryostat.




Leica M165C Microscope

Leica microscope
  • Leica M165C stereo, cross-polarizing microscope interfaced to a computer.
  • Provides users with the opportunity to take still photographs or videos of crystals to 120X.
  • Useful to monitor changes in crystalline materials if these decay in air or lose solvent.
  • The reticule tool on the computer provides the user with the ability to carefully measure specimens.









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