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    Chemical Safety Manual

Highlighted Chemistry Department Safety Policies

Chemistry Safety Manual

The Chemistry Safety Manual provides guidelines and policies that promote a safe and healthy work environment for all personnel and students within the department, for all visitors to the department, and for other people working in the department's laboratories. Policies and guidelines presented in the manual ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

The manual includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Chemical Hygiene Plan
  3. Chemical Procurement, Distribution and Storage
  4. Engineering Controls
  5. Personal Protective and Other safety Equipment General Safety Guidelines
  6. General Safety Guidelines
  7. Standard Operating Procedures for Working With Physical Hazards
  8. Standard Operating Procedures for Working With Health Hazards
  9. Standard Operating Procedures for Working With Particularly Hazardous Substances
  10. Working with Laboratory Equipment and Procedures
  11. Emergency Planning and Response


    • Safety
    • Chemistry Administrative Offices, 139 Smith Hall, 612-624-6000
    • Chuck Tomlinson, Director of Operations
    • chuck1@umn.edu
    • (612) 624-2321