Ensuring a smooth transition

The following departure checklist is designed to aid employees and graduate students leaving the Department of Chemistry. Our goal is to make your transition from the department as smooth as possible. Departure Checklist 

How do I notify people that I am leaving?

Written Notice​

You need to submit a written notice of termination to your adviser or supervisor. Your written notice should include:

  • date of your last day of employment at the University; and
  • contact information for your new employer or destination, including email address.

Send a copy via email to Tanya Becker, beck0309@umn.edu, Department of Chemistry front office; and to chempyrl@umn.edu, Department of Chemistry payroll coordinator. 

Departing graduate students should also copy Nancy Thao on this message: thao@umn.edu. Graduate students are required to complete the exit interview at http://z.umn.edu/exit.

What must I do before leaving the department?

  • Turn in your keys and submit the following information from your U-card: U-card number, employee/student ID number, and iclass number-5 to 6 digits on back of U-card after the asterisk sign-*- to the chemistry front office, 139 Smith Hall.
  • Turn your University-issued purchasing (credit card) in to Finance & Payroll, 141 Smith Hall.
  • Check if you have pending purchase orders or outstanding invoices that need to be cleared by sending an email to chemreq@umn.edu.
  • Consult with your adviser, supervisor or research group laboratory safety officer about the retention of documents and files, and chemicals and hazardous waste related to your projects.
  • Change your voicemail, telling callers that you are no longer taking calls at this time.
  • Return borrowed materials and equipment.

What must I do before leaving the University?

  • Update your personal information at www.myu.umn.edu. This is important because it affects payroll mailings and student/staff directory listings, and ensures that year-end tax information is sent to you.
  • Contact Parking and Transportation Services 612-626-7275 or parking@umn.edu to cancel parking contacts, bus passes, or bike locker rentals.

What do I do if I am here on a Visa?

  • If you are working here on a J-1, H-1B, or F1-OPT visa, notify Mollie Dunlap at msdunlap@umn.edu and the International Student and Scholars Office (ISSS) at isss@umn.edu that you are leaving the University of Minnesota.
  • If you are working on a F1 visa, follow the ISSS procedures at https://isss.umn.edu/reentry/GoingChecklist.html. If you have questions, call ISSS at 612-626-7100.
  • Update your address.

What else should I do?