The Finance and Payroll Services office is located in 141 Smith Hall. This office provides assistance with purchasing, payments to employees and others, grants management and payroll.

Your questions can be directed to the appropriate staff member as follows.

All finance professionals (accountants) provide the following services to their designated faculty:

  • Report preparation
  • Payment document review and approval
  • Proposal preparation assistance
  • Grants management assistance, including effort certification
Staff Primary Area of Responsibility

Heather Steen
Finance Manager

  • Management of Finance and Payroll employees and processes
  • Problem resolution
  • Accounting support for assigned faculty
Andrew Carlson
Finance Professional 3

Accounting support for assigned faculty

Lisa Jahr
Financial Professional 3

Accounting support for assigned faculty

Leigh Seifert
Finance Professional 1 - Payroll
  • Payroll
  • Electronic timecard and absence administration
  • Assistance with employee reimbursements

Justin F. Thao
Executive Accounts Specialist

  • Accounts payable problem resolution
  • Non-employee payments and reimbursements
  • Employee reimbursements
  • Prepares request for requisitions


Policy on managing deficits

Policy on department financial management of non-UMN events

The Department of Chemistry does not provide administrative and financial support for non-University of Minnesota (UMN) events coordinated by faculty and staff such as honorary symposiums or celebrations. This includes events held on the UMN campus, at other institutions, or at conferences and other meetings. Funds that take the form of donations or registrations cannot be deposited and spent in UMN accounts or through the UMN Foundation.