The University does not reimburse sales tax on most purchases. 

University employees are responsible for knowing, and complying with applicable policies. See the following links for additional information: 

This form is for all Employee Reimbursements: Employee Reimbursement Form (Excel File) Instructions for use. (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a person need to have to be reimbursed?

  • Itemized detailed receipts are required for all expenses except for meals covered by the per diem while in travel status.
  • You will not be reimbursed without an itemized receipt.
  • Original receipts, budget number, and justification (who, what, when, where, why) and required signatures are needed for reimbursements.

How is a person reimbursed for meal expenses?

Policies include the University of Minnesota's:

  • Travel policy
  • Hospitality policy
  • Business Expenses
  • Employees traveling on University business (overnight) will be reimbursed for actual meal expenses up to, but not exceeding, the Federal State Department (GSA) per diem daily amounts.
    • Currently, rates vary by city, county, and country.
    • Travelers must not exceed the maximum meal rate for the city/county/country where their meal was purchased.
    • For information on the per diem in the city/county/country in which you will be traveling, please click on the links below.
    • The meal allowance for the first and last day of travel is 75% of the per diem amount for the travel destination

Domestic Rates and International Rates

  • Employees traveling on University business (extended day travel) will not be reimbursed for meal expenses, if travel is within 12 hours and does not include an overnight stay.
  • Click on the policy links above for more details.
  • If you claim the maximum per diem, you must certify that your actual expenses met or exceeded the per diem.
  • Hospitality meals while in travel status are typically unallowable. If you believe you qualify for an exception, please work with finance and payroll staff in advance of your travel.
  • Receipts for meals while traveling are not required.

Where should the reimbursement be turned in?

  • Reimbursement forms should be brought to 141 Smith Hall during regular business hours.
  • Place the forms in the bin on the counter-top to the right of the door.

Where will the check be sent?

  • If you receive your pay via direct deposit, you will receive reimbursements through direct deposit as well.
  • If you receive your pay via check, your reimbursement check will be mailed to the same address.

How long will it take to get a check?

  • The reimbursement takes approximately two weeks to process.

Can someone check on the status of the reimbursement?

  • You will receive a system generated email once your reimbursement has been processed and approved for payment.
  • Unless you have access to the financial system, you are not able to see a reimbursement while it is in process.


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    Purchasing issues:

    • Finance and Payroll Services
    • 141 Smith Hall
    • Department of Chemistry, 207 Pleasant St SE, Minneapolis MN 55455
    • (612) 624-3409