Group Meal and Hospitality Expenses

Must adhere to the University's hospitality policy

All expenses at the University must withstand the test of public scrutiny. The business purpose of group meals and hospitality expenses isn't typically as obvious as it is for more standard purchases such as chemicals or glassware. Please be sure to provide a thorough justification for these events. Be aware that chemistry finance staff may contact you to request additional information in order to comply with University hospitality policy and Department policy, if the information provided is insufficient.

Hospitality Expense Limits

Itemized receipts are required for all hospitality reimbursements. 

For all hospitality events with a stated business purpose that are funded by the Department of Chemistry,

  • expense limit per person is $18 for breakfast
  • expense limit per person is $19 for lunch 
  • expense limit per person is $70 for dinner, including tip and alcohol

A maximum of 4 (four) University of Minnesota attendees may attend each hospitality event, regardless of the number of external guests. For all hospitality events with a stated business purpose that are funded entirely from faculty non-sponsored accounts, the limit is $100 per person, as specified by the University of Minnesota.

Meals with prospective students are limited to 4 (four) students + the prospective student.

  • maximum amount allowed, including tip, is $18 per person for breakfast
  • maximum amount allowed, including tip, is $19 per person for lunch
  • maximum amount allowed, including tip, is $40 per person for dinner
  • Alcohol is not allowed at meals with prospective students and will not be reimbursed.

Please consult the University's hospitality policy for additional information.

The following EFS strings are for the events listed:

  • Department Seminars: 1000-11098-20094-1000007424*
  • Student Seminar Series: 1000-11098-20094-1000007425*
  • Dow Lecture Series: 1701-11098-20094-UMF0021175
  • Gassman Lectures: 1701-11098-20056-UMF0003503
  • Kolthoff Lectures: 1701-11098-20056-UMF0001073
  • Etter Lectures: 1701-11098-20056-UMF0003362
  • Special Seminars: Varies
  • Faculty Recruiting: 1000-11098-20000-1000002303*
  • Graduate Recruiting: 1000-11098-20427

*Alcohol at these events should be charged to 1701-11098-20841-UMF0003261.

If you are unsure of the account string to use, please contact the Finance and Payroll Services office in 141 Smith Hall.

Non-employee reimbursements

Non-employee reimbursements are processed with the Visitor Expense Reimbursement form 

Forward the completed form and receipts to the Finance and Payroll Services office in 141 Smith Hall. Note, non-employee reimbursements are submitted to the College of Science & Engineering cluster and processed by that office as they are received. This can take 1-2 weeks on top of the process the Chemistry Finance and Payroll Services office must follow.

Processes to remember:
a) all foreign visitors must be set up as a vendor in the financial system (EFS),
b) all foreign visitors must have a social security number, and a tax treaty must exist between the US and the country of origin or taxes will be withheld. If taxes are withheld, and foreign visitors later complete the paperwork for a tax treaty, withholdings will NOT be refunded through the University.

The amount of the tax will depend on what is being paid.

Employee reimbursements

Faculty, staff and student reimbursements can be processed with Chrome River. To access Chrome River go to MyU, Key Links, and choose "U Travel." This link includes a video overview and job aids to assist you in entering your reimbursement request. Assistance from department staff is also available by emailing Additional information on these reimbursements can be found under employee reimbursements.

Hospitality meals must follow the University's hospitality policy, and may be paid with a procurement card (pcard). Itemized receipts are required. Note: Alcohol may not be purchased using a procurement card.

Additional forms and procedures

Please note: the University hospitality policy and limits apply to these as well.

For those hosting events at the Campus Club use the Campus Club 


For all graduate recruiting expenses use Graduate Recruitment Visitor Expense Reimbursement form 


To request an honorarium for a citizen or permanent resident, please have the speaker fill out a Request for Taxpayer ID form and submit it to the Finance and Payroll Services office in 141 Smith Hall.


To request an honorarium for a foreign national traveling on a visa, please fill out and have the speaker sign a B, WB and WT Honoraria and Expense Reimbursement Form. Submit the original  or a legibly scanned copy to the Finance and Payroll Services office in 141 Smith Hall or via email to