Chemistry payroll staff uses materials provided by hiring managers to create the official hiring paperwork required by collegiate and University policy. Staff assists in the I-9 verification of work eligibility. Staff also administers the University’s electronic time sheets and absence reporting system for chemistry employees.


University of Minnesota hiring processes require time and advance planning to get someone hired, re-hired, or changed to a different type of appointment. Please plan ahead, consulting department staff as needed. Hiring process requirements vary by type of employee.

A background check must be completed for all non-student hires. New employees cannot be paid for work done prior to passing their background checks. We cannot hire someone with a start date in the past, and then give them back pay.

Hiring an undergraduate student employee can be done using the online form at Completing the form sends the information to our payroll staff member. The form requests the student’s name, UMN ID number, the start and end date of the job, the rate of pay, the source of funding, and the supervisor's name. Undergraduate student employees in the Department of Chemistry are typically paid between $12 and $15 per hour. The UMN minimum for student employees is $9.65 per hour.

To hire a recent graduate into a short-term staff position, please see the information below on Temporary and Casual Employees.

Graduate student hires are handled through the Student Services Office in 115 Smith Hall.

The hiring of international post-doctoral associates and anyone needing a visa needs to be coordinated by Mollie Dunlap in 139 Smith Hall (612-625-0124, Incoming post-doctoral associate offers for U.S. citizens are handled by Tanya Becker in 139 Smith (612-624-2894, Post-doctoral associates have to apply and be hired via the University’s hiring system. Hiring a post-doctoral associate requires a signed offer letter and proof of graduate degree (translated into English, if not already in English).

Temporary/Casual employees are hired on a limited-time basis, or for a limited number of hours per week. Employees can be employed for either up to 14 hours per week on an ongoing basis or for 67 working days per calendar year. The complete hiring file for a Temporary/Casual hire includes a signed offer letter (see template below) and demographic information on the University’s Human Resources Information Sheet.

Work Authorization/I-9 Completion

I-9 verification must be completed on or before the first day of employment, as all employees are required to document eligibility to work in the United States. Employment, including any rights and privileges afforded under the University's codes, policies, and agreements applicable to a position, do not begin until all of these steps have been completed. If an employee reports to their first day of work without the required I-9 documentation, they will not be allowed to start work, or remain in the workplace until they present the required documents. All employees need to visit to begin the verification process. On the welcome page, enter 13636 in the Employee Name or Code field and click Go. Enter your personal information into the website, referencing the instructions provided on that site as needed. Please choose "College of Science and Engineering" in the "location" drop down menu. For citizens or U.S. permanent residents, chemistry payroll staff are able to review their identification documents. Foreign nationals, please read and follow the instructions below.

Information for Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals need to go to the Donhowe Building - Room B20, 319 15th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN  55455, for document review, and are required to make an I-9 appointment by calling 612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363. Before going to the payroll appointment, all Foreign Nationals who will be on the University of Minnesota payroll need to apply for a U.S. Social Security number. Once you apply for a number at the Social Security Administration office, you will need to take the Social Security receipt and your visa paperwork to the University Payroll Office at the Donhowe Building: make an I-9 appointment by calling 612-624-8647. The Payroll Office will work with you to enter your visa and tax treaty information into the University system. At the end of that visit, you will receive a yellow form detailing the documents that were completed. Please bring this yellow form with you to the Department of Chemistry Finance and Payroll Services Office in 141 Smith Hall. This is needed to set you up in the payroll system and create your University of Minnesota email address.