Chemistry finance staff members offer limited support for proposal preparation and submission. We provide assistance with budget development, assistance with entry of budget information into the proposal package, assistance with completion of proposal package cover sheet, and Proposal Routing Form (PRF) preparation.

How to submit a grant in chemistry

Grant Cover Sheet Example

Let the Finance and Payroll Services office know

Provide the competition and agency name, proposal title, dates, and the PI name(s) to your Finance Professional.

Create a budget

Use the proposal preparation or have your Finance Professional create a budget for you. In order to do this, you will need to provide information about the types of expenses to be included as well as any target budget amounts. Make sure you let your finance professional know if there are matching requirements.
Graduate Student Salary/Stipend
Proposal Preparation

Proposal Routing Form (PRF)

Proposal Routing Form
It is the expectation of the Chemistry Department Head that finance staff will prepare the Proposal Routing Form (PRF); however, please provide the information needed/requested on the form. Chemistry finance staff will also need to see a copy of the proposal budget and justification before approving the PRF for collaborative projects. 
If you are a collaboration or Co-I on a proposal prepared by another unit, the routing chain for chemistry is:
chemgrnt Chemistry Finance Office Department Administration/Delegate
okchem David Blank Department Head
csegms Joseph Konstan Associate Dean for Research

PRF Approved

This means you have the approval of the budget and from the Department Chair.

Finalize Proposal

The Finance Professional can provide assistance with entry of budget information into the proposal package and assistance with completion of proposal package cover sheet. Have your colleagues review the science.


Effective January 4, 2016, proposals must be submitted for SPA's review by 9 a.m. three business days prior to the time the proposal must be submitted to the sponsor (e.g. an electronic proposal that must be received by the sponsor on Friday will be due at SPA by 9 a.m. Wednesday.)

Use the SPA Deadline Calculator to ensure that you are initiating your work with enough time for the process to be completed.


To submit your proposal, you must notify SPA by sending an email to as follows:

  • In the Subject Field insert the PRF #, last name of PI, and the agency name. (Example: 740001 Gopher NIH)
  • If submitting through or other agencies, attach the full proposal to the e-mail. Be sure to include all parts of the proposal.
  • If submitting through Fastlane, you will need to enable SPA (called "SRO" by FastLane) to view, edit, and submit your proposal. This is performed through the Fastlane Proposal -- Preparation functions. Only the PI can grant SRO access.
  • Always send a copy of the actual budget with the email to, with a copy of

SPA submits to the sponsor

Victoria Troxler is our current SPA Grant Administrator (612-624-9567,

SPA will then conduct a standard administrative review, and will notify the PI and the department if changes are needed. If changes are needed, PI must resubmit the corrected application to Grants Office and to SPA via another email to