EFS (Enterprise Financial Systems)

To request a Requisition and Purchase Order from EFS, the online Requisition Request Form must be submitted to the Chemistry Finance and Payroll Services office. Once the form is completed and the submit requisition button clicked, the form is routed electronically to accounting. When the requisition has been created you will receive an email with the purchase order number. Finance and Payroll Services will not pay an invoice without an OK to pay from the requisition requester. You will receive an email asking for this information, if you do not provide it to 141 Smith Hall by turning in the packing slip.

Requisition Request Form (Online form)

See below for information on purchasing from UMarket.

Procurement Card Transaction Form (P-cards)

The form below must be completed after each purchase with a Procurement Card. Please complete the Procurement Card Transaction Form, print it, sign the paper copy, and attach the receipt. This form and the receipt should be submitted to the Finance and Payroll Services office in 141 Smith Hall.

Purchases made with P-cards are tax exempt. The University of Minnesota's tax exempt ID number is 8029894. If the seller needs a copy of the Certificate of Exemption ST3 you can print it.

Purchasing from UMarket

Instructions for purchasing from UMarket are available at http://umarket.umn.edu/. When first entering UMarket follow the instructions in the box titled "Welcome to U Market." Reminders when using UMarket: only faculty, staff, and assigned purchasing agents may use UMarket in the Department of Chemistry; orders for non-11098 account strings must be routed to those departments (i.e., 11093 CEMS).

Capitalized Equipment Tracking procedures

Capitalized equipment (all individual items more than $5,000) need to be tracked after the equipment is received. The Finance and Payroll Services Office will prepare the Capital Asset Receipt Form and route to Inventory Services; however, to complete the form, the equipment serial number, manufacturer, and model number are needed. All equipment used as a trade-in must be taken off the Department of Chemistry's inventory list. Please contact Finance and Payroll Services before disposing of equipment. The University of Minnesota Asset tag number and serial number are needed for the Asset Disposal Form, which the Finance and Payroll Services Office will prepare.

Credit Cards

Purchasing cards are issued to Department of Chemistry Purchasing Agents who have been authorized to make purchases. To obtain a purchasing card application, please contact Finance and Payroll Services in 141 Smith Hall. After making a purchase with your P-Card, go to MyU/Purchasing/My Wallet. Fill out the information requested, attach the signed Procurement Card Transaction Form and receipt(s). Sign the information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with my receipts?

Receipts should be turned in to 141 Smith to the in-box marked "Purchasing Card Docs/Receipts" on the cubicle across from the doorway as you walk in.

What constitutes a receipt?

The following items are acceptable as a receipt, as long as it includes the date, items purchased, and total amount:

  • Original receipt
  • Online order confirmation that includes all the charges (S/H, taxes)
  • Email order confirmation that includes all the charges (S/H, taxes)
  • Invoice

What information do I need with my receipts?

To process your report, each receipt must have the following information:

  • Budget number to charge
  • Description/justification of items purchased which answers who, what, where, when and why.
  • Travel receipts must include the name of traveler, travel dates, destination, and purpose
  • Cardholder signature

What if I lost my receipts?

If receipts are lost, an in-lieu-of-receipt memo should be completed. The memo should be turned in to the 141 Smith Hall with all of the necessary information.


What if I do not turn in my receipts?

If the completed report is not turned in to purchasing services by the 9th of the month following the purchase(s), your card will be deactivated until the overdue report is completed.


What should I provide if I get a refund?

If you receive a refund to your card, either turn in the credit receipt or fill out an in-lieu-of-receipt memo detailing the reason for the refund.

Do I need to sign my purchasing card report?

Yes, unless all the receipts are signed by the cardholder.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Call US Bank Immediately at 1-866-485-4545, (available 24 hours a day) to report the card lost or stolen. Complete a Purchasing Card Lost/Stolen Form and fax it to the Program Administrator at (612) 626-0876. 

If a merchant asks for a “bill to” or “verification” address, what address should I provide?

Give the address that appears on the tri-fold sheet your purchasing card came attached to. The address given to the merchant is verified with the bank. Entry of this information can be very sensitive, so it is important to match the address exactly as it is provided on the sheet.

If a merchant wants a phone number for verification, whose number should I give them?

Give them the PCard Program Administrator’s phone number: 612-626-8673.

When activating my card, I am asked to enter the last 4 digits of my unique identifier number. What number is this?

Enter the last 4 digits of your employee ID number, which you provided on your application form. If you have an older card, you may need to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number. If you have questions, call the Purchasing Card Office at 612-624-2302.

More Questions?

Contact: Finance and Payroll Services Office in 141 Smith Hall
(612) 624-8500

Where do I get a stockroom card?

A stockroom card application is available online here. Please follow these instructions, obtain the appropriate signatures and bring the application to the Chemistry Finance and Payroll Services Office in 141 Smith Hall.