Room Reservations

All chemistry personnel may schedule these department rooms: 101J, Kate & Michael Barany Conference Room (117/119 Smith Hall), 122, 139C, and 221 Smith Hall; 193, 283 Kolthoff Hall; as well as an overhead projector, slide projector, or the department van.

  • For the most part you will be able to address any conflicts yourselves by direct contact and negotiation with the party or parties involved.
    • Any unresolved conflicts may be directed to the Front Office (139 Smith Hall, 4-6000).
  • Note that you may add an additional level of protection to your reservation by entering a password.

General rules for room use:

  1. Choose a room appropriate for your intended purpose; do not reserve a large capacity room for a meeting of just three or four people.
  2. These rooms should not be scheduled for classes or teaching assistant office hours.
    • Teaching assistant office hours can be held in the third floor public lounge in Kolthoff, the Graduate Student Lounge, or any public place on or near campus, such as the cube in Coffman Union. Office hours should NOT be held in departmental meeting rooms.
    • Classroom Management schedules courses in our buildings via its website (
  3. Room 139C has no projector and can only accomodate four people maximum.
  4. The equipment in the rooms is listed under the entries for each room.
  5. Kate and Michael Barany Conference Room (117/119 Smith Hall) should not be reserved for group meetings or orals except in those circumstances where the size of the expected group exceeds the capacity of all other available rooms.
  6. There is a chance you may be "bumped" from your reserved spot for functions that take priority.
    1. For example, if a faculty meeting is scheduled during a time when you have 117/119 for a small group, you may be asked to give up your reservation because we have no other large rooms appropriate for a group that size.
    2. Final orals will take precedence over practices and informal meetings.
  7. Please be considerate of your fellow department members in scheduling these rooms.
    1. Do not schedule a room for a five or six hour block just in case you need it for an hour or two within that window.
    2. Ensure that you cancel a reservation, if you find you will not need the room after all.
    3. If you have trouble cancelling a room, contact Eric Schulz in 136 Smith Hall.
  8. Always leave the room in better shape than you found it, or at least in as good a shape. Some of these rooms do not have janitorial service except by request, and it behooves the users to keep them neat.
    1. Clean off the chalk/white boards
    2. Throw away bottles, containers, extraneous paper products, etc.
    3. Remove coffee urns or food platters
    4. Wipe off tables
    5. If you need to vacuum, please do so

Remarks on using the reservation program:

  1. To see the contact information and purpose for a reservation appearing on the calendar, click exactly on the "R" rather than just on the field.
  2. Blocks of time are in half-hour increments.
    1. In the few cases where the reservation does not fit a half hour block, please so indicate in the "notes" section (for example, the reservation may start at 5:00 pm but indicate in the notes "actual start time 17:15").
  3. Continuing or repeat reservations may be made in several ways, but the longest continuing reservation is "weekly event for the next 12 weeks."
    1. Please take extra care with these, as modifications (including cancellations) will be effective only for the single use date, not all appearances.
    2. In other words, if you make an error you will need to change each appearance manually, and if you cancel a repeat reservation you will need to cancel each reservation manually.
  4. Please be sure to complete all fields: name, phone number, e-mail address, and notes.
    1. The notes section should reflect the reason for the reservation, such as "group meeting" or "oral prelim." Failure to complete all fields may result in one of the administrators deleting your reservation(s). 
  5. Pay specific attention to your confirmation as you complete the process, especially for repeat reservations, as it will indicate whether the room in question has a conflict (for repeat reservations, it may state that certain dates were reserved but others were not because of a conflict). The confirmation may also state that your reservation is invalid for some other reason, so don't just click it off without reading it.

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